Landlords!  Are your tenants not paying their rent?

And if so - do you know what to do about it?

Tenants failing to pay rent can be an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE for landlords.

After all you still have to pay all YOUR outgoings on the property! You may be at risk of mortgage repossession!

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  • Part 1 - looks at what you need to do when the tenant first goes into arrears – and I give you a couple of letters you can use to send to your tenants
  • Part 2 - looks at what you need to do once the arrears have reached two months worth – I discuss the special significance of this, and give you some guidance on possession notices – and a couple more pdfs!
  • Part 3 - looks at what you need to think about if your tenant STILL fails to pay. To help you, I give away a special pdf guide with the seven things you need to consider before starting eviction proceedings

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Tessa Shepperson